5E GTY! Assigned 9670!

I’m a control freak, I totally admit it. I like to plan every aspect of our vacation and that includes researching where I want our cabin to be. Booking GTY was definitely out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad we rolled the dice!

We received our cabin assignment 48 days before our cruise. It was on a Friday. Everyone says it’s normally Tuesday but it can be any day and at any time! It was in the afternoon (I know this because I was obsessively checking). We were really hoping for a side cabin with the HUGE verandah and we got one! Cabin 9670. It was supposed to be handicap accessible but for whatever reason it couldn’t pass so it has handicap features but anyone can book.

9670 doesn’t have a privacy curtain but that was okay since we were sailing without our kids on this one. I was most concerned about the bathroom since we’ve always had the split bathroom design but I didn’t need to be concerned at all. We absolutely came to love the bathroom! It was so big. The location at the very back of deck 9 was so quiet. It’s probably the most quiet location we’ve had in all our cruises.

HA bathroom shower that I was nervous about at first. The water goes where it’s supposed to.

The best part was the verandah! We spent a lot of time out there. We even traded a few dinners in the MDR for room service out on the verandah. It didn’t have a slider but a normal door which I actually preferred. We had 3 loungers, 2 regular chairs and a table. On the last night one of the loungers was taken so I’m assuming we were meant to have 2 loungers (one was leftover from previous cruise). It was so nice to go up the stairs into Cabanas, make a plate and bring it back to the cabin to enjoy on the verandah. We loved being out there as we backed into ports. I enjoyed that more than expected.

I miss this verandah!
Best view ever! 5E is my favorite cabin category.

There were a few cons (but they wouldn’t stop me from booking this cabin again):

In Port Canaveral there were a lot of seagulls. I’m not sure if this is because people a few decks above in Cabanas were feeding them but they were aggressive! I also got pooped on (I was going to leave that part out but I’m going for full disclosure here). After I changed my shirt from that experience (and thank God it didn’t get in my hair!) I leaned on the railing and got more poop on me (UGH). I really hated those birds in that moment and was wondering if I made a mistake going 5E. The good news is that we had no issues with birds the rest of the time, only in PC. Constant bird poop would have been a deal breaker for me.

The TV was pretty far from the bed. I didn’t have to get out the binoculars it was close! The TV size works in other cabin layouts, just not this one.

The smell of exhaust would come and go. It didn’t bother me but I know some people are sensitive to that. We always wore flip flops on the verandah because there could be soot (but not a lot and not an every day thing).

Vibration was not an issue for us. I expected it and it wasn’t near as bad as some of the reviews I read. Of course it was worse when backing into port. We don’t sleep in on port days so it wasn’t an issue for us. It was a rude awakening on the last morning since it meant we were back in PC and the cruise was over.

So in closing, our GTY experience was a good one and I’d do it again. it’s hard with my OCD and all but I’d have to get over it. We have another cruise planned and it’s a 5E. I booked on opening day so I was able to get a 5E without waiting for it to go GTY. We will have 3 people in the cabin so decided to go the normal design (split bath, privacy curtain, etc). It’s Cabin 8188. Leave me a comment if you’ve been in that cabin on the Fantasy or Dream.

P.S. Since my last post I’ve also sailed on the Magic. Stay tuned for a post about Disney Cruise Line’s first ship and our experience sailing out of Miami.

Our first time booking 5E GTY

Recently we had some plans change which freed up a week of vacation time. We decided to book a Disney Cruise (I know, so shocking!). Since it’s pretty short notice all of our favorite cabins are booked so we decided to try something new and book 5E GTY. 5E is the cabin category for the extended verandah cabins on deck 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 aft. There aren’t that many of them so they usually go into GTY (guarantee) pretty fast. When a category goes GTY that means a certain percentage of the cabins have sold and DCL is not allowing anyone to pick a specific cabin anymore. Closer to the cruise date they will sort it out and assign the cabin numbers. They do oversell categories (like airlines oversell seats knowing some people cancel) so there is a chance we won’t get a 5E but Disney would have to upgrade us. We can be upgraded to 5A-D or 4A-E. I don’t want an upgrade so fingers crossed we get the 5E!! I’ll keep you posted. BTW, GTY isn’t usually a money saver. I can book a 5A right now for the same price but it’s not in a location I like. Booking GTY is giving me a chance to get a cabin category that’s popular that I couldn’t book on opening day since this is a last minute trip for us. But there’s also the chance I could be put in a cabin that’s right under the pool deck. It’s the chance we are willing to take. One last thing, people often confuse GTY with IGT (Interior guarantee), OGT (Oceanview guarantee) and VGT (verandah guarantee) which are last minute restricted fares that DCL will offer on cruises that aren’t selling well. With these special rates you are guaranteed the type of cabin you booked (verandah cabin for example) but not a specific category. Payment is required in full when booking IGT, OGT and VGT. Usually you will see these special fares show up within 60 days of the sailing date.