Our first time booking 5E GTY

Recently we had some plans change which freed up a week of vacation time. We decided to book a Disney Cruise (I know, so shocking!). Since it’s pretty short notice all of our favorite cabins are booked so we decided to try something new and book 5E GTY. 5E is the cabin category for the extended verandah cabins on deck 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 aft. There aren’t that many of them so they usually go into GTY (guarantee) pretty fast. When a category goes GTY that means a certain percentage of the cabins have sold and DCL is not allowing anyone to pick a specific cabin anymore. Closer to the cruise date they will sort it out and assign the cabin numbers. They do oversell categories (like airlines oversell seats knowing some people cancel) so there is a chance we won’t get a 5E but Disney would have to upgrade us. We can be upgraded to 5A-D or 4A-E. I don’t want an upgrade so fingers crossed we get the 5E!! I’ll keep you posted. BTW, GTY isn’t usually a money saver. I can book a 5A right now for the same price but it’s not in a location I like. Booking GTY is giving me a chance to get a cabin category that’s popular that I couldn’t book on opening day since this is a last minute trip for us. But there’s also the chance I could be put in a cabin that’s right under the pool deck. It’s the chance we are willing to take. One last thing, people often confuse GTY with IGT (Interior guarantee), OGT (Oceanview guarantee) and VGT (verandah guarantee) which are last minute restricted fares that DCL will offer on cruises that aren’t selling well. With these special rates you are guaranteed the type of cabin you booked (verandah cabin for example) but not a specific category. Payment is required in full when booking IGT, OGT and VGT. Usually you will see these special fares show up within 60 days of the sailing date.

2 thoughts on “Our first time booking 5E GTY”

    1. Sorry, been super busy. We ended up in 9670. HUGE verandah. It had the handicap shower that I thought I was going to hate but ended up loving it. I wouldn’t hesitate doing 5E gty again or even booking one of those cabins that were intended to be handicap but just didn’t make the cut for some reason. Happy cruisin’!


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